1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000


Stunning, Fully and Expertly Restored Car, 3 Owner Completely Rust Free California Car with All Original and Beautiful Undercarriage, No Patchwork, Fresh Motor Rebuild with European Cam and High Compression Pistons, Lightened Flywheel, 189 Restoration Photos, Restoration Overseen by Fanatical and Detailed Alfa Expert


This 1972 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 is far and away the best example we have ever seen. We have sold a 69 Stepnose GT Junior, a 67 Stepnose (in the same color combo), two 74 2000s, and seen many others, but none restored to the level of detail and expertise of this one.

We bought the car from a well known Alfa collector and expert who was the head of his Alfa Owners Club chapter for a long time. He has driven across the country 3 times in an Alfa Giulia Sedan (through death valley!) He has spent the last 11 years making the car what it is today. This is the kind of restored car we dream about, where every part added to the car was the best available, chosen by its highly knowledgable and enthusiastic owner, having been thoroughly researched. No expense was spared, every detail considered.

The previous owner bought it as a completely rust free, unpatched California car from the car’s second owner. I have the original California registration from 1972. He then began an extremely detailed and thorough complete bare metal restoration on the car. I have 189 photos of the restoration showing every step.  All work performed was done by Alfa experts. This included a full motor rebuild by Alfa Veloce with AE Borgo oversize pistons, European cams, lightened Paul Spruell Aluminum flywheel, and bigger valves. Original DC0E40 Webers (not the new Spanish made ones) were sourced and rebuilt and he added a Stebro exhaust, which is quite a bit louder than stock. The car has a new fuel pump as well. The motor only has about 1000 miles on the rebuild now. 

For handling, the car was upgraded to Koni Red shocks with Yellow Centerline lowering springs. The car rides on Vredestein T-Trac tires on Alfaholics GTA style replica 14 inch wheels. The drivetrain was rebuilt as well, with a transmission rebuild by Alfa Auto Clinic in Baldwin, and the flex joint and center supports done as well. The heater core was redone and works well. The braking system is all new with new calipers and rotors and a new master cylinder. The car received a new interstate battery as well.

Once all the mechanicals were sorted, he treated to the car to a high quality $8,000 bare metal respray in the original color. The car was fitted with the smaller, earlier front and rear bumpers, the side markers removed (with one small euro side marker up front on either side.)

The car has a new interior with many parts from Re-Originals (but the back seats are the original) and everything works, even the interior lights (which have been replaced with brighter led bulbs in their original housings.) The car has its original dash that does have one crack in the passenger side. I have a brand new dash from Centerline that can be sold with the car for an additional $1800. They were $2000 new and hard to come by now.

The car was driven from Florida to New York and back with no issues. As a result, it does have some light rock chips up front, and a few small touch ups but they are not very noticeable. The seats have some wear on the side bolsters from getting in and out of the car. Those are really the only things keeping this from being a true 100 point show car.

The undercarriage of the car is almost its most impressive and remarkable feature. It is bare of any undercoating, so you can see that it has never been rusty and never been patched. I haven’t seen a cleaner original undercarriage on any car.

In addition to being the best looking and best restored GTV we have seen, it is also the best driving. The previous owner was completely obsessed with squeaks and rattles he seems to have chased every single one down, because the car is super tight to drive with no unwanted noises. He used dynamat to deaden the noise at speed and also keep the cockpit cool. The car shifts perfectly with no 2nd gear grind, and we have not wanted to push the motor too hard since it has so few miles on the rebuild. The car tracks perfectly straight with even and strong braking performance. It gets up to the normal 175 degree operating temperature and just sticks there, with no cooling issues. The previous owner sat in a traffic jam in 90 degree weather in the car with no issues.

The car, as with all my vehicles, has a clean and clear title transferred properly through my dealership.

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