1973 Alfa romeo GT JUNIOR/2000


2 Liter on Dellortos, Beautiful and Dry Body and Undercarriage, Just Serviced, 42k Miles, GTA Wheels, Koni/Centerline Suspension

This 1973 Alfa Romeo GT Junior is a beautiful and dry example that has had a thoughtful and sympathetic restoration. It is the fastest and best driving 105 series Alfa we’ve had, as it’s fitted with a well-tuned 2 Liter on Dellorto carbs.

The car was imported from Greece about 6 months ago by an Alfa enthusiast here in New York. He spent a long time searching for a rust free and unmolested car there and finally settled on this example. The car shows 68,475KM, which is thought to be original. That's about 42,548 miles. Given the undercarriage of the car, the spare tire well, and the way it drives, I have no reason to doubt it has 42,548 original miles.

When I first looked at the car, I was impressed with how quick it was. Of the 4 GTVs I’ve had, this is the punchiest and best to drive. The 2L performs really well. It has no synchro issues whatsoever and shifts precisely and smoothly. The brakes are strong and smooth and the car stops straight. Steering is excellent and tight and direct.

When I first looked at the car, I noticed how straight the panels were, how well they lined up, and how nice and rust free the spare tire well was. From the welds and the drain, it appears to be the original spare tire well, in amazing condition, which is a very good sign.

 Once we put the car up on the lift, I could see that the undercarriage was in beautiful condition, very tidy with only some minor surface oxidation in spots, with no obvious patching or rust areas that I could see (my mechanic agreed.) The body of the car is very straight, and the paint is beautiful as well, with a few imperfections (the euro license plate holes, a small paint blister on the left rear fender lip, a few touchups, a few small hairline nicks that are pictured, and a few small scratches in the bumpers.)

The inner fender lips are not soft inside as you sometimes see, but instead have their original hard edge, indicating that they were never modified. The wheelwells and spare tire well do not have undercoating applied to them, which is factory correct and original. Cars leaving the factory had body colored overspray in the wheelwells and on the bottom of the spare tire well and were not undercoated. Most cars that you see now have been undercoated in those places. We have left those areas unpainted so a prospective buyer can see how nice they are.

The interior of the car is restored (but the back seats look original) and overall the car inside is excellent. It is fitted with an Alpine unit with removable faceplate.

After purchasing the car, I left it at my favorite local Alfa shop, the Alfa Auto Clinic in Baldwin. Giuseppe is considered one of the top Alfa mechanics on the east coast. A friend of mine has driven to California and back three times with no issue on motors Giuseppe has built.  The engine compartment is clean but has not been overly detailed.

We also fitted centerline lowering springs and new Koni Red shocks. We added 7X14 GTA replica wheels from Classic Alfa, on Michelin 185x70x14s.

The service included:

  • Fresh oil and antifreeze
  • New Battery
  • New front main seal
  • New differential seal
  • Throttle pedal adjustment
  • New trunk spring
  • New axle seal passenger rear
  • New K&N air filters
  • Ensure proper operation of washer
  • Mount and balance tires
  • Install Koni Reds and Centerline lowering springs


This is an excellent opportunity to pick up a very nice 105 series that is ready to be enjoyed. This car falls into a sweet spot for GTVs to me. Upgraded suspension, 2L on carbs (feels way better than injection), straight and honest body and undercarriage, and beautiful, well applied paint that's not so concours-perfect you would be afraid to drive it. The $50-60,000 GTVs that are out there are a bit too nice to fully enjoy without being worried about messing them up. GTVs are enthusiast cars, so if you can't enjoy them, what's the point? This car has been set up and selected by ourselves for just that purpose.  The buzzing noise in the video is the external microphone vibrating against the license plate bracket.



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