1993 AM General HMMWV/HUMVEE Military Police Vehicle


Extremely Rare Military Spec HMMWV with Civilian Interior, Leather Seats, Air Conditioning, Outfitted as Military Police Vehicle, 2 Owners from New, 21,500 Original Miles, Street Legal and Registered, Only Ever in Civilian Use, Same Owner Since 1995, Dual Front Night Vision Lights


History of the HMMWV:

Introduced in 1985 by AM General, the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) is was the replacement vehicle for the M151 series jeeps. Better known as the HUMVEE, or Hummer in civilian form, HMMWV's mission is to provide a light tactical vehicle for command and control, special purpose shelter carriers, and special purpose weapons platforms throughout all areas of the modern battlefield. It is supported using the current logistics and maintenance structure established for Army wheeled vehicles. The HMMWV is equipped with a high performance diesel engine, automatic transmission and four wheel drive that is air transportable and droppable from a variety of aircraft. The HMMWV can be equipped with a self-recovery winch capable of up to 6000 pound 1:1 ratio line pull capacity and can support payloads from 2,500 - 4,400 pounds depending on the model. The HMMWV is produced in several configurations to support weapons systems; command and control systems; field ambulances; and ammunition, troop and general cargo transport.

The HMMWV is the world standard in light military trucks. It is lightweight, high performance, four wheel drive, air transportable & droppable, land mobility system. The family includes utility/cargo, shelter carrier, armament carrier, ambulance, TOW missile carrier and scout-reconnaissance configuration. Payload varies by body style ranging from 1920 lbs on the 4 litter ambulance to 5300 lbs on limited availability Expanded Capacity variant, but is generally in the 5/4T range. A basic armor package is standard on the Armament and TOW missile carrier models. A more heavily armored, or Up-Armor HMMWV, is now being produced in limited quantities, primarily for the Scout Platoon application. Special supplemental armor versions have been developed for USMC requirements; unique model numbers designate these configurations.


LTV HMMWV M998-series multipurpose wheeled vehicle variants include:

  • M998 cargo/troop carrier without winch
  • M1038 cargo/troop carrier with winch
  • M966 TOW missile carrier, basic armor, without winch
  • M1036 TOW missile carrier, basic armor, with winch
  • M1045 TOW missile carrier, supplemental armor, without winch
  • M1046 TOW missile carrier, supplemental armor, with winch
  • M1025 armament carrier, basic armor, without winch
  • M1026 armament carrier, basic armor, with winch
  • M1043 armament carrier, supplemental armor, without winch
  • M1044 armament carrier, supplemental armor, with winch
  • M996 mini-ambulance, 2-litter, basic armor
  • M997 maxi-ambulance, 4-litter, basic armor
  • M1035 soft-top ambulance, 2-litter
  • M1037 S-250 shelter carrier, without winch
  • M1042 S-250 shelter carrier, with winch
  • M1069 tractor for M119 105-mm light gun


From http://www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/land/m998.htm


This HMMWV: 

This particular 1993 HMMWV is one of the few trucks that was produced on the military assembly line but then outfitted with a civilian interior. Very few trucks were ever produced like this, as they were only produced in limited numbers for two years. The factory would stop the production line and intercept the military truck and then fit it with the interior and street legal lights. It was the first time in American history that civilians could buy a military vehicle directly off the assembly line.

The civilian options were leather seating, air conditioning, and a stereo. This truck was originally ordered by a military contractor who supplied bedding to the armed forces. He bought the truck for his own personal use. He then sold it in 1995 to my client, a former military police officer. The truck was converted to military police spec and painted in Fort Bragg pattern camo. It has been driven just 21,980 miles and has been very well maintained by its enthusiastic current owner. It has only ever seen civilian use, and in fact gave tours of West Point and led cadets there for years. It features dual front night vision lights. According to the owner, it is in outstanding cosmetic and mechanical condition. It is street legal and currently registered for road use.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a significant HMMWV as trucks optioned this way do not often come up for public sale. It has great provenance. Its only two owners were both involved with the military and truck has such low miles and is in unmolested original condition. It is equipped with dual front night vision lights.

The civilian headlights and taillights are boxed and available for sale with the vehicle. The trailer pictured is not available for sale.

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