New York Governor George Pataki's 1996 Corvette Motor Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 State Police Car


Exact Car Assigned to New York Governor George Pataki's Detail from 1996 to 2000, One of Four, Meticulous Mechanical and Cosmetic Freshening, Outstanding Museum-Quality Condition, Optional Corvette LT1 Motor, Final Year and 30th Anniversary for What Many Consider the Best Police Car of All Time.


History of the Caprice 9C1 Police Car:


The first year for the Chevrolet Caprice as a separate Chevrolet series (only available in 4-door) was 1966, although a Caprice trim option was available in 1965. The Caprice model immediately became a favorite of law enforcement with its huge 427-cid big block motor, but a dedicated police package was not offered until 1987. 

This Car: 

This car began life as a black unmarked New York State Police car assigned to New York Governor George Pataki's detail from 1996 to 2000. It is the exact car the Governor rode in or was escorted by while on official moves. This car is one of 4 delivered for this use. Two were gray and two were black.  The car was cosmetically and mechanically refreshed and restored to an extremely high level. 1996 was the final year for the Caprice police car, its 30th anniversary. Many consider it to be the finest police car ever made. This particular car is fitted with the optional Corvette LT1 motor.

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