FXR BY Jeff Wright


I first saw this bike at the Brooklyn Invitational last year (2014). It was placed on the left hand side, near the entrance, so it was one of the first bikes you saw as you entered the space. Jeff has been invited to the show every year for the past 5 years. This says a lot, as the Invitational is considered one of the top shows in the world with people flying in from across the globe to attend.  When I saw the bike I walked straight over to it stood in a trance for about 10 minutes.

Jeff started the project several years ago and completed the bike last year, leading up to the invitational. He started with a stock 1990 FXR with a factory reconditioned motor that had 1000 miles on it. He added a dyna electronic ignition, belt drive, and an odyssey battery. There are so many meticulously fabricated details and high end parts on the bike, they are too numerous to list. The pictures below tell the story of the build. The custom swing arm, tank, seat, controls, and exhaust are some of the cleanest and most beautiful metal work I’ve ever seen. The bike runs a lot of high end performance parts, big Beringer rotors, Odyssey battery, Mach Modified piggyback shocks, a Racefit CR exhaust, a newer Dyna front end, and Keihin Flat CR carb. I've never seen anything close to this combination of parts and colors on a Harley before, or on any bike. It's a work of art. I really like Jeff's use of primary colors. There are small details everywhere, blue, orange, red, green, and yellow. It draws you in and you find yourself unable to stop looking at it over and over again. The green seat cowl was purposely distressed.

Jeff is known as one of the most forward-thinking, creative and exclusive builders, and this bike shows why. He's been turning out some of the best builds in the world for the last few years. He's also sort of a builder's builder because the level of his fabrication, machining, and attention to detail is out of control. The bike has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. His bikes rarely come up for sale and I am told he does not take commissions. I never thought I would have the opportunity to own this bike, so I feel very fortunate. Now it is time to pass it on to will appreciate it as much as I do. Photos here courtesy of myself, with help from Mike Bogart, and some images courtesy of Jeff Wright/Church of Choppers.

More of Jeff's work can be seen at http://churchofchoppers.com/



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