Harley twin cam by sl nyc

Custom Twin Cam + Two-Front-Head Motor Design, Nearly Everything Custom Machined in House, Shown at 2014 Brooklyn Invitational

This bike was built over the course of two years by Alex Lerner of SL NYC at no expense. Alex built the bike for himself and it was shown at the Brooklyn Invitational last year. The centerpiece of the bike is a custom 95 CI motor designed by Alex. He wanted to run two front heads and dual carbs, similar to the setup on an XR750.

He started with S&S Twin Cam cases. Inside the bike runs an S&S flywheel and has a 4 inch stroke. On top, he is running twin cam cylinder heads but rounded them to look like shovelhead cylinders. Branch performance liked the design so much, they asked him if they could use the design and they now manufacture them. The top end was ported and polished by Branch performance and runs bronze guides and black diamond valves. The bike runs G31 Andrews gear-drive cams. Fueling cam plate, oil pump and lifters. The angles of the rear pushrods were changed, the intake was made by him after calculating all intake positions. Lifter block made by Alex. 9.6:1 Compression. Twin superbees. 4 piece exhaust ceramic coated made by Alex for easy disassembly. The transmission is a 5 into 4 S&S with all new internals. The bike runs a Morris Magneto.

The frame is custom, made in house, except for the neck, which is from a 77 Harley in order to retain a proper vin number. The frame was bronze plated and antiqued and gusseted throughout.

All the controls are also custom, made by Alex. They are stainless and run on needle bearings, not bushings, so there is no play. Everything on the bike is overbuilt like that.

The bike runs Ohlins shocks, a 38mm KLR front end, and Brembo front brake. Custom machined details everywhere, custom brake lights, handlebars, etc.

Robert Padke did the paint, which is a battleship gray with Platinum leaf racing stripes.

For tuning, Alex did 103 dyno runs with the bike to maximize rideability. They were not going for horsepower, but it did register 110hp on the dyno without really even trying.

The rear tire is a handmade 15 inch rim. Front and rear wheel hubs and rear sprocket bronze plated.

The level of detail in the component selection and machine work is so high on the bike, it is often referred to as a real builder's bike or mechanic's bike.


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